Thursday, January 29, 2015

Review Of Youbelo - Destination To Grooming, Wellness and Fitness Needs is an initiative to provide you fast ,free, reliable and comprehensive information on grooming, wellness and fitness needs. Its vision is to provide web presence to related businesses and high-quality services to users, focusing on their health and personal needs.

Youbelo search service bridges the gap between users and businesses by helping users to find relevant information of product and service providers quickly, while helping businesses listed in youbelo to market their offerings.

Youbelo provides following search services on their website

  • Aerobic center
    Youbelo- spa/saloons/fitness center serives
  • Athletic club
  • Ayurveda
  • Dance center
  • Fitness center
  • Gymnasium
  • Health club
  • Kick boxing center
  • Salon
  • Spa
  • Yoga Center
Users can have access to following information 
  • Address of spa/salon/fitness center/gym etc.
  • Timing of Services (Open and Close time)
  • Contact number
  • Website and Email address
  • Online appointment link
  • Reviews and rating by users
Users can rate and review the services, and they can also add their own business on is not just a web portal, it is a one stop destination for all your grooming, wellness and fitness needs. They cater to the urban citizen who after a hard day at work, needs a place to relax and feel good about themselves. 

For more information or to access the youbelo services visit 

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Important Run Commands And Their Use

In Microsoft windows operating system , Run command is used to open documents or application directly. Although we don't use Run command frequently ,yet there are some important Run commands which can be used to make your PC more efficient or advance. To access Run command press Win + R or Go to Start and click on Run.
Run commands

Here are some important Run commands 

  • Access.cpl : Accessibility controls
  • hdwwiz.cpl : Add Hardware wizard
  • appwiz.cpl : Add /Remove programs
  • admintools : Administrative tools control
  • wuaucpl.cpl : Automatic updates
  • fsquirt : Bluetooth transfer wizard
  • calc : Calculator
  • charmap : Character map
  • chkdsk : Check disk utility
  • cmd : command prompt
  • dcomcnfg : component services
  • compmgmt.msc : computer management
  • control : Control Panel
  • timedate.cpl : Time and Date properties
  • devmgmt : Device Management 
  • dxdiag : Direct X troubleshooter
  • cleanmgr : Disk cleanup utility
  • joy.cpl : Game controller
  • inetwiz : internet set up wizard
  • mrt : Malicious software removal tool
  • regedit : Registry editor
  • services.msc : Services
  • msconfig : System configuration utility
  • msinfo32: system information
  • sysdm.cpl : system properties
  • taskmgr : task manager
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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software

Hi Guys , YouTube has a huge database of videos, we spend our maximum time on internet surfing videos. We can stream YouTube videos, but sometimes we like to download or save video or for some mobiles where streaming option is not available, we need to download videos. Softwares are available, but what if you can download videos without any software directly from YouTube, yes it will be amazing. So here i will tell you how to download videos.

When you are on , Browse your favorite video and click on it.For example you select a video of " Just for Laughs: Gags - Season 9 - Episode 13 "  , URL of this videos is  " " . Now to download this video simply add " ss  (ssyoutube) " to the URL , URL will be now . click on this URL ,you reaches to download page with a complete detail of video. You can download this video in MP4 (High quality) , 3GP or in FLV  format. 

It will work both for your PC and Mobile. you only need to add " ss "  to the video you want to download.
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Secret Hidden Codes Of Nokia Mobile

Hi Guys , Here is some secret codes of Nokia mobile. you can use these hidden codes to know complete details of your Nokia mobile and for activate and deactivate unknown services.
Type the following codes on main screen of your Nokia mobile

*#06# : know IMEI (International mobile equipment identity) number of your mobile

*#0000# : know software version of your mobile

*#2820# : know Bluetooth device address

*#7780# : Reset to factory setting

*#67705646 : It will clear LCD display (Operator logo)

*#92702689# : Show you secret information below
  • Display serial number
  • Display month and year of manufacture
  • Purchasing date
  • Repaired
  • life Timer
*#3370# : Enhanced full rate codec (EFR) activation . It will increase signal strength and also help you to surf faster. but consumes more battery.
*#3370* : EFR deactivation .phone will restart and increase battery life because phone will receive less signal.
*#4720# : Half rate code activation
*#4720* : Half rate code deactivation. phone will restart.
Default security code : 12345 
long press "0" to open Nokia Default browser.
Tags : Nokia mobile hidden codes | Secret codes | Know IMEI of your phone | know your Nokia mobile software version | Speed up your Nokia mobile 
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Friday, January 16, 2015

Check Data Usage of All Mobile Operators -Airtel,Reliance,BSNL,Tata,Vodafone,Idea,Aircel

Check Data balance of all operators
Hi Guys, If you have activated Gprs plan to your number, then you need to check remaining data and validity of your pack.So you can be aware of balance deduction due to use of extra data or validity expires.

Here is procedure to check Data Usage (Remaining data) for all mobile operators in India 

Check Remaing Data of Reliance :
Dial *367*3#     or
Send a message  " MBAL " without quotes to 55333 (Toll free)

Check Remaining Data of BSNL :
Dial *123*6# for Data usage in BSNL

Check Remaining Data of Airtel :
Dial *123*10# for Data usage in Airtel

Check Remaining Data of Tata Docomo :
Dial *111*1# for Data usage in Tata Docomo

Check Remaining Data of Vodafone
Dial *111*2# , you will see a On screen menu, now Select 6 and Then select 2     or 
you can directly Dial *111*2*6*2# to check Data usage in Vodafone

Check Remaining Data of Idea :
In Idea when you disconnect you internet ,you receive a message of your current usage and remaining data balance

Check Remaining Data of Aircel :
Dial *126*4#  for Data usage in Aircel

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