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Software developers are highly demanded in present scenario, technology is daily updated and demand for a software engineer also increases daily.This is the field where new idea is rewarded and idea is implemented at the same time. so guys if you are thinking  to be an software engineer and enhance your career in this field then go for it....
software engineer

As India is emerging as a superpower in IT  so all deserving candidates gets excellent jobs in software engg.
to become a successful software engg.  your qualification must be degree(B.TECH/B.E) or diploma or B.SC(computer) or BCA

Degree or diploma with computer engg. or information tech. branch is a one way to have knowledge of different software's and go further with particular software programming.

Besides it another option is to go for a particular software programming course which are offered  by lots of institutes and certificate courses are also available.

It is generally assume that if you have knowledge of one software programming , then you can understand any software because all software's are with same logic.
To some extent it is right...but every course has its own importance with different coding and way of programming.

As far as courses are concerned lots of courses are available as C, C++, JAVA, ORACLE ,SQL, DATA WARE HOUSE, NETWORKING, LINUX ,WEB DESIGNING(HTML) and so many..

C is the basic programming language and C programmers are highly desirable in industries.
LINUX is the operating system just as window, it is very secure operating system, so  very demanded in industries. 

Don't get confuse which course to select...just go for one , you should have good command over that software and you have good chance to enhance your career.

very important when you go for a particular course you come to know importance of other courses

All leading industries as HCL, WIPRO, HP, SATYAM, SAMSUNG  many more needs a good software engineers who have a command.

So guys choosing a software field is not a bad thinking...because hardware without software never successful...
Best of luck 

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