Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Now it is too easy to update your status.... you completed your task, you are going for a visit,  you getting nostalgic ...whatever you just need to login your social networking group and share your feeling , your views or comment on anyone.
social networking

yes it becomes so easy due to number of social networking groups, who allowed their subscriber to update their status, receive and sent messages and very important can make new friends and chat with them online.

in present lots of social networking sites as ORKUT, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, HI 5, BHARAT STUDENT, IBIBO,MY SPACE, LINKEDIN (professional ) and many more.....

all these sites providing different features and services to prove themselves unique from others
but we can't say which is best because all these sites have really some unique feature which attracts a group of subscriber toward a particular social network.

however, if i tell you i find orkut and facebook best out of above social networking site. and i know most of you also used these services and orkut and facebook is well growing social networking groups.

if i have to choose one from facebook and orkut.....then my choice will be orkut due to its easy tools.

In twitter we can tweet our thoughts and status to a group of followers and following. so its very easy that what in your mind just tweet and your groups of followers can have your thoughts...

Talk about facebook..great work is done on page...its important feature is write the comment on your friend wall's and it will display on your and yours friend ..friend's pages. so you can share your feelings about others and let the other people know. we having online chat facility also there and private msgs can also be sent...

Talk about orkut...update your status, scrap to friend, promote whatever you want. very interesting feature of orkut which i like most is can know who visit your profile .privacy is also upto mark you have full authority that what you want to share with others....

ibibo, hi 5, bharat student and many more social networks are also there many people using services from these sites yet these are not well known and used

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