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automation engineering career
Automation engg. gaining ground in all controlling applications.

To improve the accuracy and to increase a days all the industries almost installed the automation control system.

IF we talk about career in automation control has very good scope.student from engineering with electronics and electrical stream can easily understand the concepts of automation system.

Demand for a automation engineer is also increasing day by day

Here i will give you a brief idea of automation and different modules of automation

Automation is need of today. Main part of this section is PLC. A PLC (programmable logic controller) is a device that was invented to replace the necessary sequential relay circuits for machine control. The PLC works by looking at its input and depending upon their state, turning on /off outputs. The user enters the program, usually via software, that gives the desired result.

PLCs are used in many “real world” applications. If there is industry present chances are good that there is PLC present. As we can see the bigger the process the more of a need we have for a PLC. We can simply program the PLC to count the inputs and turn the output on for the specified time.

Important topics of Automation control system are:

SCADA (Sequential control and data acquisition )

PLC( Programmable logic controller )

HMI( Human machine interface )

DCS ( Distributed control system )

SCADA:It is always easy to understand the status of the process if it is shown with some animations rather than written codes. Hence SCADA software came to existence with some exclusive features. Now it becomes internal part of automation system.
PLC: programmable logic controller is most important part, which is used to control the applications and process. we can download program in PLC using PLC software and control our process according to our need. most popular PLC'S are"
MODICON....and many more
programming software is different for all plc's but the logic is same. many programming languages are there for PLC'S but ladder programming is simple and mostly used
HMI:Human machine interface is installed  near field instruments. it is a easy way to check the ongoing processing of our system. it is directly connected to hardware.
but now a days scada is most preferably used.
DCS: Distributed control system is very advance system, it is just like PLC but with more advance feature and services.

so guys if you having interest in control system... then you should go for automation engg. course. many institutes providing 3 months certified course in automation engg.
best of luck.......

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  1. i have completed BE TELECOM bt i ddnt get job in proper field...n i came across only two field as career
    i dnt knw what to choose.....
    networking involve certifications n all bt i dnt knw abt automations certifications..
    do i have to do any other certifications in automation after completing CAE?

    and in automation will it be depend on automation certifications lyk networking CCNA CCNP...........
    OR automation career is totally based on EXPERINCE in field?