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Guys...having interest in automatic control applications. if you are doing B.TECH/B.E (electronics & communication) and having interest in circuit designing and programming, then you must go for embedded system & design. its growing field and demand for micro controller programmers is also increasing. you could have good package from multi national companies...

Here i give you brief idea.....WHAT IS EMBEDDED SYSTEM ???
embedded system

Embedded system means the computer hardware with software embedded into it.

"An Embedded System is one that has a computer hardware with software embedded in it one of its most important component. It may be an independent system or a part of large system. Its software usually embeds into a ROM . "

According to Wayne wolf
"It is any device that includes a programmable computer but is not itself to be a general purpose computer.”

Main part of embedded system is its processor which is programmed and control process

General purpose processor :
Microprocessor : 8085,8086,68HC
micro controller : 8051,68HC11,ARM7
Embedded processor
small scale 8051,PIC (8 Bit)
medium scale 8086,68HC11 (16 Bit)
large scale ARM7,POWER PC (32 Bit)
Digital signal processor SHARC

specific processor
Ex:- SIM, ATM Card

programming of embedded is done in assembly or c languages....its your wish which language you want to learn if you have good command over C language then you must go for c is easy to understand.

now let us discuss what is important to learn in embedded system....generally when you join a course you are taught Intel 8051 micro controller and somewhat PIC micro controller. it is basic and very important part of embedded system.. you must clear your all concept and should have command over programming as well as designing....

if you are interested in complete layout designing then after embedded your next step will be VLSI . which is used for layout designing with circuit components.

but before you go for VLSI...Learn embedded system (micro controller) programming.
scope of micro controller with VLSI is very very good... there is huge demand for the programmer and circuit designer.

Degree student of ECE must go for it....if you are not interested in telecom.. 

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