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Internet marketing is increasing day by day. Advertisers investing lots of money on promotion of their business on internet.
So guys if you are publisher having your own website or writing blogs , then why don’t you give some space to advertiser and earn money from your invention or thoughts
cpm /cpc adnetworks list

Lots of Ad networks working in this field, you only need to create a account with any of ad networks and start showing ads on your website or blog.

Here I will mention some top paying or best cpm and cpc adnetworks and well known ad networks and their requirements but before this I would like to clear some terms used-

CPM/CPV - cost /1000 impressions- you will be paid according to impressions of ads, if you having large traffic to your site, then it will be more beneficial for you.

CPC- cost per click- you will be paid, each time when a visitor click on the ad

Top paying Ad Networks are-                                  

Most of ad networks cover USA and UK traffic, if your website has more traffic from US or UK, then you can earn lot

1.Google adsense-Best Ad network is google adsense, it shows contextual ads , so your visitors may interested in clicking ads
Requirement- good quality website design
                       Sufficient contents

2. Tribal fusion: It is one of the best cpm ad network, but it hardly approve any site
     Requirements- 5000 visitors per day

3.CPX Interactive- well known Adnetwork, meeting traffic requirement is not always good but paying good CPM
   Requirement-10,000 unique visitors per month

4.Burst media-  It is one of the oldest ad network, work on contextual ads that you earn more profit
   from your content
   Requirement- 20,000 page views per month

5.Casale media- CPM Ad network
   Requirement- 10,000 unique visitors per month

6.Value click media- CPM and CPC Ad network
   Requirement- Not accept free domain
                          Should have your own domain
                          3000 page views per month very hard to be a part of this adnetwork, paying good  CPM
   Requirement- 2 million page view per month

8.Pulse Point:very good CPM adnetwork , you set your own CPM price,Ads are shown accordingly
one of the good thing is "NO REQUIREMENT" but generally cover US and UK traffic , having option of setting back up tags.

9.Chitika: CPC Adnetwork, partner with big advertising network such as yahoo adnetwork. Mostly cover US traffic.
Requirement : NO requirements

 Some other Ad networks with high traffic requirements are

 Gorilla nation : CPM Adnetwork
 Banner connect: Best CPM Adnetwork
 Interclick- CPM Ad network 
 IDG Tech-CPM ad network
 Turn ads- Good CPM Ad network
 Adpepper- CPM Ad network

But in case if your website is new  and having low or  decent traffic then you can go for-

Smowtion: International CPM adnetwork, Good fill rate but very low ecpm


Addynamix: CPM Ad network
                    no requirement

Bidvertiser: CPC Ad network, No Requirement

Adprudence: CPM Adnetwork

These are some well known best Ad networks.Hope it will help you to choose your ad network
If you want to share your Ad network or your experience with any of ad network then please post comment.

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  1. Really a very nice list... much needed for new webmasters...

  2. Awesome list, I was looking for such material from last couple of days. Thank you so much.

  3. again a nice job dude.....its really beneficial one for the people like us who are woking in SEO field.....thanks a lot for such ones.....:P:)

  4. Thanks for the list ...Its of much help.

  5. The list is missing Adblade. It is a great company, all my advertising is done with them.

  6. Thanks for suggesting Adblade adnetwork...webmasters can also give a try to this adnetwork

  7. I see adprudence missing in here. It is a relatively new adnetowork and they pay very good eCPM. I am very happy with it after trying tons of other networks.

  8. is it good

    1. I love it. I am so very impressed i replaced all adbrite and clicksor ads with them. I get a good CPM and a decent fill rate and they pay Net10. What else, i see my money within 10 days.

  9. You may also add adnetv adnetwork they doing a great work with my site.

  10. Try Adprudence, they pay very good eCPM. I am very happy with it after trying tons of other networks. Join

  11. Nice CPM and Cpc adnetworks list, going for it thanks

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  13. Hi,
    Anyone using smowtion? They are not accepting registration from Asian countries. what to do :(

  14. Just thought I'd let you know about a typo - you've misspelled Casale Media as Castle Media in your list above. It's a good list though - I have done some in-depth reviews of most of the CPM ad networks you mention in it from personal experience over on AdBalance.

  15. Some of the best CPM advertising networks online to help you earn money from your website or blog.started using cpv (pop) network to earn money from your website.They pays you for keeping code in your website and whenever you get a active visitor you earn money,they have very good conversion rate. i like there Fast payments, very friendly support.

    1. I see edomz services is good for publishers giving maximize earning potential. works as a cost per view community that permits you to earn money from your websites/blog traffic

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    b) Advertisers, marketers, agencies and small business owners who are about their product or service to present to the Internet.

    3: What are some words that I know before I start to do?
    - CPM (cost per thousand impressions) refers to the cost of producing thousands of impressions.
    - CPC (cost per click) refers to the cost the advertiser pays when a visitor clicks on the ad.
    - CTR (Click Through Rate), the number of clicks on an ad by the number of advertisements will be shown as a percentage gets divided.
    - ECPM (effective cost per thousand impressions), the average cost per thousand impressions delivered.
    - CPA (cost per action), advertisers pay for each specified action - such as a purchase, sign a form or template - linked to the display

    4: I am an international provider / editor, can I join?
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  17. Really very useful information.. getting very nice info... choosing right ad company is very difficult task.. but this post helps a lot..

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  19. I think cpm banner advertising is best option for webmaster right now to earn money online, is now offering banner advertising with very good ecpm rate. They are well known and relaible network for last many year.

  20. good list been looking for ad networks recently

  21. very good list. I use adprudence and i have very happy with it.

  22. Also a good one is cpm pays around .60/1000

  23. i have been using Edomz for a month and they are really paying for the clicks it can be used for Publishers having Indian Traffic..Chitika as always been put after Adsense is the worst network i ever cam across it never counts your clicks if you have Indian Traffic...i have my blog as can any one tell me how to get adsense approval..thanks

  24. Good list. I just recently signed up for and now waiting to be approved.

    1. try below is paying gud CPM..

  25. thank you for this Just exactly what I am looking for.
    have come back a couple of times to read it,Thanks for sharing this. Keep it going, Thanks

  26. I discovered a few days and am very pleased. Win over $ 0.5 per click and have already received payment.

  27. Suggest an adnetwork with traffic approx. 180-200 per day!!
    hey check this out:-
    There was a security bug in the facebook that any 1 could hack the fb account of any 1 but now this bug is fixed.
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  28. Ad prudence is the best networking site which is paying high CPM... This is best among all...from my personal experience ad prudence is a very good & reliable ads network. Please try through the below link:

  29. Nice post and list, i think bidvertiser and popcash is best, paying high cpc/cpm just try them

  30. Good list of network.But the traffic requirements of above networks is high and not available to every website or blog owner.I am using banner of cpm ads network for my blog and getting high cpm and twice a month payment.their payout is minimum $2 which is easy for me to achive.When I will get more traffic i will apply adsense.

  31. is Adprudence good for indian sites?

    1. I am using Advizual very good rates. You can try for Advizual,they are giving good CPM rates .

  32. Bloggers use both CPM as well as CPC ad network to monetize their blog. Beginners always struggle for making money online. If small bloggers use high paying cpm or cpc ad network they can earn good.

  33. Adtomatik is the best solution for publishers. They have a capable team that is focused on increasing the revenues and improving monetization. Thanks to their advice and support I have successfully tried ad formats such as Native, and In image, with excellent results.

  34. Try using Their stats are just awesome and pays really well. They don't have any traffic requirement except they don't allow porn sites. Try it:

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