Saturday, October 8, 2011


India is big market for advertisers.Internet users in India increasing day by day, so advertisers investing huge money on their products.

As i discussed in my previous post 

TOP PAYING CPM AD NETWORKS LIST , most of the top paying cpm ad networks covers US and UK traffic. but if you have traffic from India or south Asia, their are lots of other network, which are paying good amount for your asian traffic and also work internationally. 

Here is detail :

India Adnetworks

Google Adsense- No doubt google adsense is best ad network and cover your world wide traffic. they paid good amount for your traffic.
Adnetwork type: CPC & CPM

Tribal fusion- It is best CPM adnetwork, cover world wide traffic
                     Requirement- 5000 visitors/day

Komli-  komli is leading Indian ad network,paying good cpm
             Requirement- high traffic requirement

Tyroo- Tyroo is funded by yahoo and it is growing fast in India

Ozone media- It is another good alternative for adsense, it is banglore  based leading adnetwork

Adsbyindian- Truly india ad network
                        low payout
                       CPC & CPM Adnetwork

SMX(social media xchang)- SMX was earlier known Axill, it is one of the leading adnetwork, working worldwide
CPM & CPA adnetwork

Guruji- Guruji offer highly contextual ads to maximize your revenue, 
              having low payout threshold 

Admaya- Admaya recently started CPM ads, though Cpm rates are 
low but now its working with quality publishers.
Requirement- Decent traffic

Adchakra- Adchakra provides targetted branded advertise.
                   CPM & CPC

Admagnet- one of the leading adnetwork of India.

Smowtion - Good internationl CPM adnework, no traffic requirements, should be more than 10 posts

Contextweb - Though contextweb showing most of the ads for US and UK traffic at high Cpm rate. But now contextweb started its campaign for Asian countries also.

Above mentioned networks having requirement of high or decent traffic.

But if your website is new or having less traffic then you can try some other adnetworks, who is easily approved your sites.... some of these ad networks are-

Adotic- CPM adnetwork

Adsenseshare- CPM adnetwork

Chitika- CPC adnetwork, paying good amount for US and UK traffic

Bidvertiser-CPC adnetwork

please share other adnetworks by posting comment,


  1. For Asian traffic you can also try clicksor, my blog is new but they accept me. They also count asian traffic (CPM and CPC)

  2. Captain Kane:

    Clicksor is not a good company for newbiew.
    after earning money

    They tell some silly reasons and terminate your account.

    Pics Hippo

    Reason 1: You dont have 50% US, Canada traffic

    reason 2: you have not reached minimum payout 50$ in 6 months, so your account will be terminated

    1. Yes you are right,I read their T.O.S which tell us we must get 50% or above U.S or Canada's traffic. Now i am using bidvertise, it runs very well on my blog.

    2. Yes, you are right, They payout is nill . now i am using Adzonal. I am seeing good result with them.

  3. This is a really useful list - thanks!

    I often get asked about where publishers should send Indian and Chinese traffic, but as my sites don't see much of it I never know how to answer - I'll point them here from now on.

  4. Thanks for nice cpm adnetworks list

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  6. If you are not using adsense, that indirectly means you've some shady content on your website.So,best way to deal with such content is to use adult/general popunder ads.Popunder ads are those which open when a user clicks anywhere on your website.I'll list out few companies that pay very good for Indian traffic.

    Plugrush (My personal favorite and it has ecpm of $1.7-2.0 for mobile traffic and $0.5 -1 for popunder )

    eDomz -(Again cool network and decent payout rates for Indian traffic)

    cpmleader - (good for cpm banners )

  7. It's important for Adsense publishers not to sign up for another CPC network, as it violates Google terms.

    Any more inputs on ozone media for indian traffic?

  8. I am using Chitika right now ,I also use clicksor but google bot detect clicksor code as malicious trojons ,because of clicksor my page rank has been diccrease so never use clicksor they are provinding malicious codes

  9. This is really a awesome list as I have ever seen, thanks

  10. Hello, this is a good list, but Bidvertiser is working amazing for me.

  11. great best cpm adnetwork listining site with payment proofs and net work complete details find the best cpm ad network to get bid cpm

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