Saturday, September 10, 2011


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ZenOK Offers 21GB Free Storage Service! click here to get it now

ZenOK just shattered the pay wall between backup softwares and traditional backup methods (external hard disks), letting users make free backups.
ZenOK promises that 21GB Online Backup will remain," while other companies just offers 5GB free and charge $99.50USD for 50GB. The Online Backup service will roll out to users over the next few days. To get started using the service, you will have to install the free "ZenOK Online Backup"
Here's how it works: First, you'll need to download ZenOK Online Backup software. Then sign up and within an automatically pops up will appear to post a Tweet. ZenOK doesn't mention whether free online backup will be possible from cell phones, but They say it will soon become available on Apple OSX, Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry too.

We all in some moment have needed to make some backup of our information. Are you looking for a software to store your information without using any tedious way? Well, this program is ZenOK Backup, that realizing turn out to be one of the programs that more I use in day after day.

ZenOK Online Backup is an application that will allow us to do our copies of safety of a simple and effective way. With its 21GB Free, you can indicate it that you copy want to realize. In addition, it does not consume resources, allows the compression of the copies as well as he you guards only the innovations of your directories and files to the copy already affected previously.

ZenOK Online Backup is an easy and free way of realizing safety copies of his more important information in the cloud; the components of the service always have been good enough, though it has his monthly cost.
 The restoration of information, nevertheless, has been as that a more tedious task. Lucky, ZenOK has been working to improve the experience of the restoration, and the updated interface is now online.

Besides a user's interface improved, ZenOK offers now the unload of all his information in an alone click, as well as instantaneous unloads of individual or multiple files, since it does not have to hope that the files are packed first.
So If you are of that you never do backup, or safety copies of your files you should do it. You never know if a hacker, or a virus or simply damage of your PC and lose all your files and documents that you have worked in a lot of time. You’ll have 21GB of space, you install the software of ZenOK and start selecting the files that you want for your backup (Safety copy).


  1. This sounds good, haven't heard before but looks good.
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  2. online data storage sites are incresing by the days... hope all are reliable.
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  3. Zenok is an average online backup software. I have been using BackupMag BackupPro. Both are excellent providers. The main difference is customer support and some features which are i guess not available in Zenok and specially support service is not the best but live drive and this has excellent support service and more importantly they provide the most secure online backup platform. Although needs vary person to person so you can go through to some other best online backup services. thanks a lot!!