Thursday, October 20, 2011


symbian and android
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You might be aware of these two terms and usually we here that mobile is based on Symbian operating system and that is based on Android operating system. but we always curious to know , how exactly these OS affect the performance and experience of your mobile.

So here is brief discussion on these two operating system

If we talk about age of these OS, android is younger than Symbian, so it is more energetic in performance.

Android OS is acquired by Google and Nokia is coming with updated versions of Symbian OS with increased performance and experience.

Though Symbian OS is strong and updating with new features and software, but still Android OS is leader of mobile market due to its fast performance and easily available features and products.

The web browser available in Android is based on open source web kit layout engine, which enable high speed browsing and  Symbian os have native web kit based browser

Main feature of Android os is that you can update firmware or operating system anytime. like if you are using Android phone with version 1.6 android and want to upgrade to Android version 2.1 then you can easily upgrade using your phone or computer. But it is not possible in symbian , like if you are using a phone with symbian s60v3 and want to upgrade to s60v5, then only way is to buy a new phone.

Major update in Android Os is that it can run on Linux kernel 2.6.27, it means stronger stability and improved stability.

Every Android based phone provides you a feature of Android market from where you can download new applications, games, videos and much more.

Strong point of android is its feature, Google loaded it with every feature whether it is multitasking, widgets, Wi Fi hot spot and adobe player support.

Good thing with Symbian Os that it can be run on weak hardware or processor so consuming less power, so longest battery life.

overall we can say Android Os is best because it gives you a power to do something new with your phone like upgrade features, look of menu and performance. But it doesn't mean that Symbian Os is weak, you will get all features in Symbian but with some limitation.


  1. thanx for a valuable suggestion!!!

  2. symbian is the best :D never buy android, you will cry because you buy it!

    1. true story man

    2. I am a Symbian guy, but have wondered about Android hype. I am not leaving Symbian, but my bro/sis...would u shed more light on the fact .

  3. android is the best.

  4. symbiam also can be updated to new version by firmware

  5. bhoki muha thik thik bolo kaun sa phone accha hain.

  6. All my life, i have come to realise that symbian's OS is the best. Just a matter of time, we shall see