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Big set up of CRT(Cathode ray tube) is going and a new debate has started between LCD, LED and PLASMA display. Now a days all the makers are working on these three technologies to make them better.

If we talk about technical details then LCD (liquid crystal display), has liquid crystal between the display panel of  Tv which get activated when an electric current is supplied to it.
LED (Light emitting diode) works on same liquid crystal platform but light emitting diode (LED) are used as back light panel of this TV.
PLASMA Tv works on completely different platform, it has sheet of plasma cells which are activated when current is passed through it.

Here is brief discussion on these three Technologies:


  • LCD Tv's are thinner and lighter and provide more sharper and clear picture then CRT Tv
  • It has good contrast ratio so better and clear picture
  • Talk about viewing angle, when TV is viewed from odd angle, there is loss of color and detail.
  • LCD TV's are economical 
  • LCD consumes less power if compare with Plasma
  • Lifespan is much higer of LCD, so its a long time investment.

LED and LCD  are based on same technology but in LED light emitting diode is used for black lightning. LED is classified on the basis of location of LED in them. If LED is present at the edges, then it is called EDGE LED Tv and if LED is present throughout then it is called Full LED TV.
  • LED TV's are more thinner then LCD, so offer better brightness
  • LED have better contrast ratio, so better than LCD
  • LED has much wider viewing angle, so problem what you faced in LCD , it minimizes
  • LED TV's are more expensive than LCD TV's
  • LED back light is more  power efficient, so it consumes less power
  • It has long lasting life

Plasma display panel is flat display panel used in large display Tv. These are also perfect for viewing motion video on large display.
  • PLASMA Tv has best contrast ratio because it have individual plasma it has much better brightness.
  • Watch your TV from any angle, you will not find any difference in quality. it has much wider viewing angle
  • PLASMA consumes lot more power than LCD and LED, because every sub pixels on the screen need to be lit.

Every technology has its merits and demerits, you can take decision according to your need.

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  1. Stemming from an economical perspective, I really chose LCD's over LED's and Plasmas. They come in relatively cheap, especially with the influx of newer models from competitors.
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