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Directv is an american direct broadcast satellite service provider. Directv transmits digital satellite television and audio to the household of U.S.A . Headquarter is in EI Segundo, California.
Primary competitors of Directv in US is Dish Network and Cable television Service. and with its high quality services and packages Directv is proved best in all.


  • Best picture and audio quality
  • Directv offers more full time HD channels than others
  • Directv offers maximum sports channels in HD and SD both
  • Directv has its own exclusive general entertainment channels as Audience Network, n3D
  • Universal remote - means one remote for your control receiver, TV, and two other devices
  • It also offers loads of local channels(CBSABCNBCFoxPBSThe CWTelemundoAzteca,MyNetworkTVION Television)
  • Effect of atmospheric conditions - you lose your signal for a while in Heavy thunderstorm or snowstorm. And it is very common for all satellite television services

Direct Tv currently uses 12 Satellite.Directv typically uses a 18 inch diameter dish antena to receive its signal. Directv is now installing a dish which has 5 LNB's for HDTV programming and local channels in selected market. These LNB links to 5 satellite in ku an ka band for different services.

Set Top Box (STB) availble with Directv are:
  1. DirecTv Receiver - simple stb for standard definition (SD) channels
  2. DirecTV HD Receiver (H10/H20/H21/H23/H24/H25) - can receive HD signals
  3. DirecTV Plus DVR (R15/R16/R22)- Have a built in digital video recorder ,you can record your favorite programs and watch it anytime.
  4. The DirecTV Plus HD-DVR (HR20/HR21/HR22/HR23/HR24) - Record your High definition programs and watch it any time.
  5. The DirecTV Pro HD-DVR Most advanced STB with HD and DVR in one unit, with larger hard drive.
  6. DirecTV Sat-Go - World's first satellite TV system, combines receiver, antenna and TV all in one easy to carry unit
Directv offers you loads of packages, categorised as
So you can choose your package according to your need and price. To check latest price and packages 

DirecTv also offers you Directv cinema at no extra cost.

For complete and latest information on Directv check website here

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  1. If you really compare DIRECTV and DISH Network, in my opinion DISH is the best. DISH has HD Free for Life, the most HD channels, and truly has TV everywhere with the Sling box. Working for DISH, I can tell you that we have 24-7 customer support unlike DIRECTV where if you got a problem you got to call during their normal business hours. So in thee end DISH rules.