Friday, January 20, 2012 - UNIVERSAL FILE SEARCH ENGINE

Due to load of informations cluttered on search engines, sometimes it is hard to find some specific files on search engines or search engines may lead similar results, we cannot satisfied with similar info since out purpose is not resolved. Gone are the days, now there are search engines for sharing files, PDF documents, E books, PPT documents etc, These type of search engines are specifically list the results about what type of documents you are looking for.

What if you search some specific files or music or videos or web applications etc on the popular search engines? You can get a load of informations about the particular search query which practically cannot work to download such files. So now we are going to share about file search engine General-files which help you to find specific files, videos, E books, videos, softwares etc and you can access and download all those things from direct links. General-Files is a popular file search engine which is tremendously growing with over 35K registered users.

Why you need to use

·         Over 5 millions files, videos, softwares etc you can find on General-Files and no need to tend other file sharing websites like RapidShare, 4Shared, Filesonic
·         You can set your popular keywords as alerts, so when the file shared at General-files, you can get alert to your preferred E mail ID
·         The files are refined and useless crappy files are moderated by frequently
·         You can easily search the files by category, popular interests and popular files

You can also search the files with brief description on General-Catalog free file directory  and access free rapid share downloader  on general downloader.
Step in to General-Files home page to get more details.

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