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Lenovo is one of the best company manufacturing laptops, introducing you advanced and innovative technology. Lenovo is growing rapidly and winning market share in all parts of the world. its best and advanced technology made it fastest growing major PC company.
Talk about laptops, Lenovo laptops come loaded with lots of feature and with updated technology whether it is window or microprocessor.
Lenovo laptop
What i like most about lenovo laptops is its battery life and audio.Laptops are invaluable for getting things done, for this a long battery life is always expected, for that reason long battery life top the list for many laptop buyers.
Lenovo coming up with three different features or Brand, that you can choose the best one, suits your need and budget.


  • Powered for Productivity
  • Rock - solid Reliability
  • Uncompromised Security
Thinkpad laptops are built ,tested and enhanced for reliability , durability, and speed. Lenovo Technology make these laptops faster, they boot up 57 % faster and shut down in 5 secs. Laptops are environment friendly and energy efficient.
Series available in Thinkpad laptops are :
Thinkpad Edge , L Series, T Series , X Series , X Tablet, W Series

  • Optimized for entertainment
  • Enhanced audio and video
  • Beautiful, functional Design
Lenovo Ideapad make you wild with Dolby and SRS sound and high definition graphics, Ideapad is specially designed for entertainment lover enjoying games, movies and audio on laptops

Series available in Ideapad Laptops are :
S series, U series, Y series, Z series and V series

  • No Nonsense feature, built for versatility
  • Latest Processor
  • Portable and Reliable
Essential laptops meet your fundamental needs, with no nonsense, versatile features. A broad range of intel and AMD processor choice help you get faster performance and time saving tools further crank up you productivity.

Series available in Essential Laptops are:
G series and B series

Features of Lenovo Laptops :

Genuine Windows 7 Professional : Available in selected models of all series

Intel® Core™ processor technology : Thinkpad laptop runs intel core 2 Technology. intel core 2 duo enables revoloutionary mobile performance, extended battery life, enhanced graphics and wireless capabilities 

AMD Processor : In some Series available 
Mirosoft office starter 2010 : Available in all series
Discrete Graphics : provides you superior 3D performance for gaming and other graphics intensive application
NVIDIA Optimus Technology : Automatically switches to built in NVIDIA Graphics card, only when it is needed, so extend battery life.
Password Management Software
Longest battery life
Integrated finger print reader: let your unique fingerprint be your password
Intel Anti Theft Protection
Combined Hardware / Software security
Integrated Camera
HDMI connector: Play high definition video and audio through single cable with High definition multimedia interface(HDMI)
Stereo Speaker
DVD rewriteable drive
Voice over IP (VoIP) - Optimized
Backup and recovery tools
Multitouch Touchpad
Wireless WAN 
GPS capability: Available in some series
Energy -Star compliant

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