Tuesday, January 17, 2012


When it comes to video converter tool, there is a lot more variety we can find on the web, but at the same time there is limited features only they have that one professional videographer or institutes or organizational firms cannot do anything with that since the tools are set to convert small videos or convert to limited video formats only.

When we surf around the web, we found a best video converter tool Movavi which in fact convert any video formats to your desired format whether it is FLV, 3GP,HD, DivX, mkv, m4v, vro, mod or any other latest video formats

First of all let me clear one thing that what is the advantages using Movavi video converter when a lot of video converters which works like Movavi to convert videos. Unlike other video converter Movavi is a multiple award winning video converter which can do best when it comes video converting, editing and burning the videos, which is used by over 8 million professionals, educational institutions, research firms and small scale business firms etc.

As you know the latest smart phones that are made to support high quality HD, DivX, RM etc type videos and people are now using such videos widely as they feel real video playback experience while playing their videos with such quality.  If you’ve any type of videos to convert latest HD or any type videos Movavi is a one and helpful tool to convert over 170+ video formats to any type of video formats you desire without losing the quality. Movavi support over 200+ devices such as Apple iPad, iPhone, Android based phones, Symbian devices; Windows phone OS, BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia etc.

·         Convert rip and burn videos easily and quickly
·         Extract audios from videos without losing the original quality
·         Direct upload to converted videos to broadcasting channels YouTube, Qik etc and share it on social profiles like Facebook, MySpace etc
·         Create photo slideshows
·         Create special effects in videos
·         You can create HTML pages to publish with your articles, tutorials and podcasts

Movavi is reviewed by industry experts PC World, CNet, CHIP etc and it is a more user friendly video converting tool. If you need more details or download Movavi video converter tool, check Movavi home page.
Link: Movavi Video Converter.

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