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Microprocessor and Microcontroller are programmable devices that accepts digital data as input, process it according to instructions and provides results as output.
Both of these products can be used for automatically controlled product and services. But there is difference between microcontroller and microprocessor, we discuss here
microprocessor microcontroller

Microprocessor is normally called a Center processing unit (CPU) , It is a general purpose microprocessor such as Intel's x86 family. Microprocessor does not contain RAM, ROM and no I/O ports on the chip itself. To make Microprocessor functional , A designer must add RAM, ROM , I/O ports, and timers externally. Addition of RAM, ROM ,I/O ports and timers makes this system bulkier and more expensive. But the good thing is that designer can decide amount of RAM, ROM and ports needed to fit the task.

On the other hand Microcontroller already have CPU (Microprocessor) in addition to a fixed amount of RAM, ROM, I/O ports and timers on a single chip, which makes it ideal for many applications where space and costs are critical. 

A microprocessor can not be programmed for real time task whereas microcontrollers can be programmed for real time task such as in device monitoring room temperature requires real time monitoring.

We can say microprocessor is just a processor (Or brain of computer) whereas A microcontroller may be referred as complete computer system.

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