Tuesday, February 7, 2012


CPM stands for Cost / 1000 impressions , CPM adnetworks pays you on impression basis. It is the better way to monetize your website and earn profit, but condition is you must have huge traffic on your website. Lots of adnetworks working on cpm platform, but they pays only for US and UK traffic. So if your website has traffic from these countries, then you can earn good amount of  money.
Indian cpm adnetwork review

But if we talk about Indian advertising market , CPM advertising really not working , means if you have huge traffic from India (even Asia) and you think that you can earn good amount only from impressions of ads, that's not true. CPM adnetworks not paying good amount for Indian or Asian traffic. In India most of the adnetworks works on CPA(Cost per Action) or CPC (Cost per click) basis.

Some Indian Adnetworks who declare their self truly indian CPM adnetworks like Smxchange, Ozone media, Indiaad , Guruji ads, Tyroo,adsbyindian etc. , most of time they shows CPA ads and very less CPM ads (ecpm rate $0.10) CPA stands for cost per action, means visitor of your website clicks on ads, then he has to perform action like buying product , registration on website etc. If visitor doesn't perform any action, you will not be paid (clicking on ad will not be considered as well).

Adnetworks working worldwide like Tribal fusion , Value click, Cpx interactive , smowtion etc shows CPM ads but ecpm rate  and fill rate is very less (from $0.03 to $0.20) for Indian and Asian. If we having huge traffic on  website , then only we can see magical numbers (Dollars).

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  1. Thanks for the post.

    In this case one must opt for some international players like Adsense (due to content related ads most of the time it do provides clicks)
    Chitika, SMOWTION and similar others. Its a truth there is a very little cpm rate for Indian/ Asian Traffic.

    Or its better to stick with ppc only. Atleast you will be sure that you will be paid only when some one will click on it.

  2. Hi everyone,
    i too search the web in order to find best ad network since my google adsense applications get rejected regularly. But i got the account very easily even without having a website. this is not a trick or spam. Google is now providing account through its associates. you could watch the youtube tutorial at or visit

    hope you all get adsense account soon.

  3. If you are not using adsense, that indirectly means you've some shady content on your website.So,best way to deal with such content is to use adult/general popunder ads.Popunder ads are those which open when a user clicks anywhere on your website.I'll list out few companies that pay very good for Indian traffic.

    Plugrush (My personal favorite and it has ecpm of $1.7-2.0 for mobile traffic and $0.5 -1 for popunder )

    eDomz -(Again cool network and decent payout rates for Indian traffic)

    cpmleader - (good for cpm banners )

  4. what is minimum traffic requirement for tyroo

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