Thursday, May 24, 2012


Microsoft sky drive now 25 GB
Microsoft does not consider to be left behind when it comes to cloud storage wars, and it appears that it has sniffed a Google’s entry that is slated to be launched soon. It has been stated that the Redmond Company has recently made some alterations to the SkyDrive, which is simply cranking up its existing users from the capacity of 7 GB to an optional upgrade of 25 GB, and that is also for free.

Additional Versions

Microsoft Corporation has now started offering 3 additional paid storage plans which are as under:
  • 20 GB of additional storage capacity for only $10 per year
  • 50 GB of additional storage capacity for only $25 per year
  • 100 GB of additional storage capacity for only $50 per year.
All such users who are starting off with their new SkyDrive account will be provided with 7 GB of free storage capacity, but will not be able to receive the free 25 GB additional upgrade as the existing users will.
How To Access Your SkyDrive?
Are you wondering on how you will be able to connect with your SkyDrive account outside your browser? According to the Microsoft Corporation, the service is compatible with Windows 7, Windows Vista as well as with Windows 8 Consumer Preview. This enables users to easily access their data on the SkyDrive directly from the Windows Explorer; you can easily add in new data files to the virtual locker by simply dragging them to the folder, organize the folders and files just as any other local folder and a lot more.
The Applications!
The updated version on the Windows Phone application has also been released, and the new version of SkyDrive for the Mac is also available for download. For the Smartphone platforms, Microsoft Corporation has also updated the iPad and iPhone versions that are useful in providing support for the retina display along with various other features. It appears that for now Android OS has been left out of the loop, even though it could be altered in the near future given the fact that Microsoft Corporation still provides applications on the rival platform.
Other Imperative Features
Microsoft is also offering an imperative virtual locker feature which is called as ‘fetch’. Once you have been able to install the SkyDrive application on your Windows system, you will be able to turn your system into a private cloud to browse your data and stream all kind of videos from anywhere via the SkyDrive portal. This enables users to access their data from anywhere and at anytime, they only require an Internet connection to access their files stored on the SkyDrive account even when they are on the go.
Last but not the least; if you are already making use of SkyDrive, your 7GB storage capacity can be easily upgraded to the 25GB storage capacity all for free. New members will not be able to get this upgrade, but they will be provided with the 7GB of free storage capacity. That is still not a bad deal considering the competition, however; what hurts here is that SkyDrive lacks Android support at the moment.

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