Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Its time to say Goodbye Software. From a simple Notepad or Unzipping files and converting them from one format to other , Web applications can accomplish most tasks easily.For all everyday tasks finding and installing software is tedious. Though using software is fast and reliable, but online Web application can help you anywhere, you don't need to install software on every PC. Here are a few of our favorites

A Notepad- like app 
Wrrtn is a simple and efficient notepad app, presenting you with a blank page when you visit the site.Write what you want and enter the create button to make your Own web accessible notepad file. Save the admin URL , you can simply go back to this URL to see and edit your note.
Link :

To Shrink your photos
If your photo folder is bulking up in size and you want to cut some flab.No need to install a fancy image editor. just head to JPEGMini, upload your files and let it run its magic.This application retains the quality and  the resolution of the original image while reducing KBs, sometimes making photos 1/5th their original size. It is very good application to save space on your drive, and help you to easily upload photos on web.

Convert your files
So you have a .Docs or .Doc document and want to convert in PDF , or change an image from TIFF to JPEG, a video from FLV to AVI or a song  from FLAC to MP3 . Zamzar has all your conversion need covered, complete with the ability to send the file or its link to your inbox.

Zipping & Unzipping files 
Simply go to ZipMe , point it to each file you want to zip together and it will start working according to your order. if you received  an archived file and you don't have the right tool to extract it , Wobzip will do it for you,with its support for a wide variety of formats including 7Z, RAR , TAR, XAR, and XZ.

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