Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NOKIA ASHA 305 - Is it comparable to Android Phones?

Nokia Asha 305:  A Dual-SIM Discovery
Nokia has been an incredibly famous and reliable discovery in the realm of cell phones. No matter, its new inventions still lead to surprises and the customers wait for the new inventions it comes up with. One of the recent discoveries of Nokia, introduced the last year is Nokia Asha 305. It is a touchscreen phone at an economical worth.  Though, there comes a comparison between the rigorously flourishing Android phones and Nokia’s Asha 305 dual SIM phone with touch screen.
Nokia Asha 305 has, however, struggled to face this comparison by showing the best features such as Series 40 interface, display of 3 inch and a big opportunity for dual-SIM.
Nokia asha 305

Nokia Asha 305: Designing and outer shell
The Nokia Asha 305 can be described by its compact appearance. There is curve back and it is covered with shinny plastic case. The phone weights approximately 3.45 ounces (98 grams). The casing seems to be larger than the phone really is which makes it look big and Asha 305 has a big bezel.
In Nokia Asha 305, you can switch and change the cards i.e. the microSD and SIM cards slots and you don’t have to reboot the phone. There are both microUSB port and Nokia port which is a standard, typical 2mm port for the purpose of charging the phone. Therefore an old Nokia charger can also be used.
The sleek and glossy area at the downside attracts the finger prints easily which can be cleaned up by a piece of cloth.  There are is volume rocker and there are lock buttons in the phone as well.

Nokia Asha 305: Colors Collection
The Nokia Asha 305 comes in four different and spanking new colors which are silver white, blue, grey and red versions.

Nokia Asha 305: Display, Touchscreen
With a 240x320 pixel resolution and touchscreen, Nokia Asha 305 becomes prominent and different than other Nokia phones as it offers a number of amazing features.

The downside of Nokia Asha 305
As the Nokia Asha 305 does not cost heavily for a user who wants a touchscreen and some of the features which are compatible to the smartphone features, the users can compromise on the unimpressive resolution and a resistive touchscreen display. The Asha 305 is not good at touch response which decreases its credibility further but still this is one of the smart shortcuts that push the customers to get use to of such a touchscreen and wait for the screen to respond after pressing it.

Nokia Asha 305: Verdict
Overall, Nokia Asha 305 has a glossy appearance and nicely organized features. The low budget phone comes with falsifications from the perspective of a user and this phone has let to criticism due to touch sensitivity issues. Yet as a quality brand, Nokia Asha 305 has gained popularity and can be a choice if you want Nokia with smartphone features.

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