Saturday, January 19, 2013

What Is The Difference Between MBA and PGDM ??

Are you aspiring to be a Manager , So perhaps you are looking for a good college , but you might be confuse that some colleges provide you PGDM (post graduate diploma in Management) and some are providing MBA (Master of Business administration). So are you in Dilemma ? what to choose PGDM or MBA

Here we understand basic difference between PGDM and MBA before you decide to pursue it. Only those Colleges which are affiliated to university can give you MBA degree , and colleges which are autonomous or deemed they give you PGDM (but approved by AICTE)

If we see a broader perspective there is no difference between between MBA and PGDM, both are considered equivalent, it has no impact on your education standard or Job or Job profile.

Basic difference between both is PGDM curriculum is more industrial oriented and mainly focuses on building your soft skills and leadership ability  while MBA is more academic oriented, deals theoretical perspective and designed by university. Institutes which are Providing PGDM, they have freedom to design their course and functioning , it is some time beneficial to students because institution can change curriculum as per industry requirement . It becomes very important in rapidly growing and changing business, that you keep updated your students with on going business norms and strategies. Even university providing MBA Change their curriculum time to time. 

But if you are looking for further study like Phd, then it is suggested that you should go for MBA. because MBA degree focuses on theoretical study and examination oriented , and PGDM is focuses on Practical.

if we talk about top most colleges of India, the very prestigious IIM's (Indian Institute of Management) provides PGDM and JBIMS (JamnaLal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies) is affiliated with Mumbai university and provides you MBA degree. Both institution are best in terms of education and Placement.
so overall thing is choose a reputed college whether you pusue MBA or PGDM, because if you go for unrecognized or unreputed college, your MBA or PGDM both are useless. 

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  1. Great post... help me lot to understand difference between MBA and PGDM program.. Thanks

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing this informative post! I have always had a big confusion regarding the difference between PGDM and MBA courses. With the detailed given in your post, it will be easier for many to choose the career path efficiently.