Thursday, February 28, 2013

HTC One X+: Introverted, Quirky Smartphone Review

HTC has been in the smart phone market since the years that you can count. They have once a little grip over Smartphone segment. I don’t know what they want to do? Either they are quite clear regarding their goals or may be I am so dumb that I can’t get their strategy. They are undoubtedly working like someone who doesn’t believe in number race. Do they really believe so or they are just showing of to be.  Though they have a tagline saying “quietly brilliant”, I can not believe that in today’s capitalism driven market any Developers can afford to be out of number game.
HTC One X+ Overview
As far as their tagline is concerned I do believe their phones are really smart but as far as HTC one X (which I have recently had hands on) is concerned they are fractionally incorrect.

HTC One X+ - First Impression:

This is not the time when you can stress upon functionary aspect of smart device and just forget about Design and Built. Unfortunately it’s not true in case of HTC X+. HTC has the legacy of providing industry leading screen touch sensors but HTC X+ has failed to carry on that legacy. I have to press somewhere with more pressure and on some occasion it worked quite smoothly. Another disappointment for me was regarding one click app availability concept. The very concept is not followed in HTC X+.
I have had a chance to play with the device more than a week and I genuinely felt that HTC has rectified battery issue quite effectively. Another rectification that has caught my eye was they have improved storage capacity of the device on a different line than their tradition, for good. Still there are issues with hardware and UI design; there are no bugs actually but I don’t know the appearance or you may say overall look and feel hasn’t impressed me to the level.
There are still other issues. One is that it’s on little heavier side of weight spectrum. If you are so much used to with other smart phones you will disappoint here that you can not remove the battery of the device. It also lacks SD slot.
I don’t like the color saturation, Hue and Chroma synchronization of the smart phone.

HTC One X and Potential Competitor

If you are better than mainstream, people will expect more from you. This applies to HTC One X+ too. I have made certain criticisms on that line. But if you use it once you will have only one competitor of the device in your mind, and that’s the leader of the market Samsung Galaxy S3.
Yes I know HTC One X has no similar large screen, no vibrant colors still it’s a solid phone.

Final Words:

There is a proverb in English, “you like a person for their qualities, but you love them for their quirks”. Yes HTC One X+ is not a human being but for me the saying applies to it. As a common human psychology I too sometimes think beyond my neutrality as a tech reviewer and that is why I describe this phone as “HTC X+: Introverted, quirky Smartphone!” I hope you have already found that the phone fractionally follow the tagline too, its quite, introvert or whatever you want to say.

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