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How To Select Best Laptop Configuration ??

Hey Guys , Are you planning to buy a new Laptop? But You might confuse which brand to select, what is the best configuration for me. These kinds of so many questions might be in your mind.

You will definitely agree with me Laptop is become an essential part of life, It is not only necessary for official or educational purpose but it will be your best buddy in watching movies, playing games, haunting social networking sites and web surfing.

So it become very important you select the laptop according to your need. The most confusing thing while selecting a laptop is its configuration. So here we will briefly discuss configuration and understand the technical terminology.
Best Laptop Configuration


Processor also known as brain of computer, So we suggest you to go for the most powerful multiple core processors for the best computing performance. On the other side it is also true most powerful processor cost you more.

Look out for the generation of the processor as your Laptop efficiency depends on it. Processor technology already reaches to 3rd generation. But now a days second generation processors are in use as it is easily affordable and well in performance. you can find out the generation of the processor by simply looking at its code.A code that read likes 2xxxx, means that the processor belongs to Intel's latest 2nd generation of processors.2nd generation processor offers better graphics and video processing capabilities while consuming lesser power over its 1st generation processor.
Understand the processor's nomenclature here :

suppose a processor named " Intel Core i3-370M Processor (2.40 GHz, 4 Threads, 3M cache) .

Here i3-380M is a processor shows 1st generation core processor (Second generation processor will have codes along the lines of 2xxx, for example '2130' and 3rd generation processor will have codes of 3xxx, for example 3110M)

2.40 GHz is the clock speed ; higher this number, higher the performance

4 Threads indicates the multitasking capabilities of your processor. More the number better the Processor.

3M Cache - the L3 (Level 3) Cache Memory of the CPU.

Presently In market we find 'Dual core Pentium Processor ', 'i3', 'i5' , 'i7' processors range.

Dual core Pentium is old processor, and not able to run high end applications, software and games properly.But it is cheap processor and can be used as general official and homely purpose.

i3 Dual core processor is better in performance and more economical.we can run high end software and play heavy games.
Further 'i5' and 'i7' are bit costlier but allow you to use your laptop very smoothly.

Random Access Memory (RAM)

RAM is also another very important part of your Laptop or Desktop. Higher the RAM, the lesser a computer's tendency to hang while running multiple applications.

Now a days Laptop's RAM generally starts with 2 GB, which is quite enough to run multiple applications. But at very less price you can increase the RAM value and we would suggest you to go for higher RAM atleast 4 GB DDR3 RAM for better performance.

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU)

GPU is not necessary to have in Laptop , but if you have GPU , it is added feature which allows you to have ultimate experience of gaming and videos. Most modern processors powering today's laptops have an in-built GPU which allows them to produce decent graphics. But if you would like to use high end gaming or watching high definition movies, You should consider adding an external GPU. Though GPU is quite useful but it tends to consume more battery and cause Laptop to heat up.

Hard Disk Drive (HDD)

It is complety depends upon you. Usually 120 GB HDD is enough. But now you will get laptop starting with 350 GB hard disk. If you want to have huge  collection of movies, videos, songs and games then you can go for 500 GB or 1 TB HDD, which are easily available.

Other Specifications :

Beside all these specification where you need to pay more attention, Other  things you should look for are WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet Port, Camera, USB port, Screen Display type (LCD or LED).

Hope it will help you to select best configuration for you. Put suggestion and queries through comments.

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