Monday, March 4, 2013

iPhone Apps And Fonts To Design Your Website

iOS devices are very indispensable in the world today. Lots of applications incorporated in these devices simply make life easier for its users. It is practically impossible for iPhone users to do without their devices especially if they are into online ventures and website development.
iPhone apps directly aid website designers in their design and development profession. iPhone fonts are highly beneficial to developers because of what it accords to them. You can use your iPhone to design fonts of your choice and then implement them in your website, blog, social media environment and therefore get applause from users. Below is a research on some of the top font related apps for iOS devices.
Apple iPhone apps

Font maker
Wide range of fonts can be created with the aid of this iPhone application. Your font can be designed with this application and then you can use them to write text, send messages and electronic mails. You can also copy and paste the texts written with such font to your website in order to create wonderful effects.
Text created with such font can be copied to your wall in Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks and thus produce wonderful designs.

Font Dresser
The font dresser has lots of features that enable it to be customized the way you want. Your font can be used in writing text and also sending email to your friend. It can also be applied to your designs and website. Font Dresser occurs in two versions namely, the free and the paid version.

Font Game
Font game is a very wonderful game that can be used in editing and manipulating fonts. It is created by topographers and can be used in testing your knowledge of different font styles. Font games can be used in designing wonderful fonts which can be applied to your web designs to produce wonderful and fanciful effects.

This is a very wonderful application used in iPhone devices. With this application, you can type a sentence and then draw with your finger. With the two drawings (the sentence and image drawn with your finger), you can create a very wonderful site that use your sentence as the brush stroke for the image. This is a very creative application that can be harnessed in creating very wonderful designs and objects in your website.

WhatTheFont functions as its name implies. This application can be used to find the closed match to a font which you obtain from anywhere. It gives you the opportunity to unravel the mystery behind every font no matter where they are found. It lets you snap the font of your choice with the aid of your iPhone camera. After snapping the text, the application then goes through its database to find the closest match to that particular font. Through this method, your font is identified and the mystery unraveled.
These applications outlined above and much more show the indispensability of iPhones to web developers, designers and web professionals. You can use any of these tools to make your design look more colorful than ever.

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