Sunday, April 28, 2013

Manual GPRS Setting Of Samsung Mobile

Hi Friends , Are you not able to run internet on your Samsung  mobile.There might be problem with your Internet connection setting, You are required to configure your Samsung mobile. 
Samsung mobile Gprs setting

Though it is always better to call your telecom operator and ask for automatic setting , but if you are not able to save GPRS setting , then you can manually configure your mobile to run internet.

Here is step wise step procedure to manually setup your mobile. Here is setting for Reliance, if you are using other mobile operator, then you need to change only Access Name (APN) , other setting will remain same
Follow the given procedure : 

Open Menu
Go to Setting
A message will display - Select Yes

At this step you might get your network setting already, If this is the case you don't need to create new one, but you have to set up your application setting. For eg. If you want to run Opera, Go to Opera
Select Option - more
Select you network Setting 

But still if you are not able to enjoy Internet, Then after the previous step (Selecting the option - Yes) , Next step is 
Select Options
Set Name - Reliance
Home URL :
Proxy - Off
Address -  No change
Port - No change
Lingertime(Secs) - 90 (No change)
DNS - Off
DNS1 - No change
DNS2 - No change
Access Name - rcomnet (This is important, Write access name of your telecom operator)

To get access name of other mobile operator in India, check this post

User Id - Blank
Password - Blank

And its Done , Now you have configured your mobile manually, and new Internet Setting with name Reliance is created.

Now go to Application Profile, Select application and Set Reliance as a default Internet connection. Check now and you will be able to enjoy internet on your Samsung mobile. If you face any problem please ask through comments.

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