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How To Do Effective Search On Search Engine

From here we need to find or validate our contrarian niche. The way we do that is good old fashion Google searches. Start searching everything related to the niche your going after. But, not in a un-focused fashion. You want to use search queries.
For example:
How to get_       ? How do I_                        ?
search engine

All we're doing Is guessing the first part of the question and we're letting google fill in the rest.  Simply type your query in parenthesis with a asterisk.  Like so:
“How to get *”

You'll get pages of results that resemble this..The asterisk is the “blank” that gets filled in, Here's a few “blanks” that are interesting
–             How to get Rich
–             How to get Pregnant

Not feeling those, a little comb through of pages 2 – 4 produced...
–             How to get Ripped
–             How to get Published
–             How to get Married
–             How to get women into bed
–             How to get promoted
The best thing about this is this method never gets old, you do the exact same search next month and most times the results are completely different.
But, don't stop there. The more queries you do the better. Let me give you a few to get you going.
How to How to get_                      How to lose      
How to become                How to reduce
How to improve              
How to remove                                How to cure     
How to stop      
How to master  How to make   
How to get rid of_          
How to learn     
From here you want to stop and ask yourself why someone would be searching google for a potential solution.
This is pivotal. Here are some key questions you need to answer when developing your contrarian message that'll get that “Amen!” out of your target customer.

1) Is there an audience out there proactively seeking solutions, and are they already spending money to satisfy this desire, want, or need?

2) What is this person feeling? Are they experiencing pain, urgency, or irrational passion?(Basically, do they have a powerful emotion driving them to seek out a solution?)

3) From the prospect's perspective, do they have few or little perceived options?

4) Is there potential for a long term relationship with this audience? (Meaning are there back-end opportunities or other related solutions that would work nicely with this niche?)

Point 4 is paramount! The goal is to build a business not collect a quick one-off commission.  We want to build long term relationships and make money from the same person numerous times.
For example – someone is searching for a “stop snoring” solution, which would most likely check off with the first three questions above. But, it'd crash and burn with the fourth one.

Reason being once you help them stop snoring that customer is gone! You can't sell more “stop snoring” products, the problem are solved. And, it would be hard to branch off into other markets because they weren't paying attention to you long enough to build a strong enough rapport foryou to find other problems and offer other solutions.  It's a losing position to be in. This leads to the dreaded “Cash-Traffic Matrimony” your cash becomes married to how much traffic you can drive and that is not going to produce impressive profit margins. And, it makes your money unstable because if day or tomorrow the traffic slows... so does your income.

Which leads too...As opposed to going into a niche like internet marketing where there are endless backend opportunities. You can buy an SEO course. can buy courses just on penguin, panda, backlinks, content creation, etc. That's just in SEO!
You can buy a course on paid traffic which follows the same pattern PPC, PPV, Bing, Facebook, etc.You can buy stuff on copywriting, sales graphics, conversions, email writing, etc.

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