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Few Steps To Measure Your IT Skills by Getting Nvidia Certication

Nvidia Corporation, an American company, dealing in technology is based at California U.S. It is known for manufacturing GPU (graphics processing units), and also have a stake in manufacture of system-on-a-chip for mobile computing.  Its base product comes under the name of “GeForce” and gives a competition to AMD. It is also in the gaming industry.

Nvidia is a high profile company, dealing in all supports to high end customers such as scientists and researchers to increase their efficiency. They are also in mobile computing and prepare processors for smart phones, tablets. They are at supercomputing sites all over the world.
NVIDIA certification

Nvidia drivers are in a way very beneficial to the clients as they reduce the use of multiple monitors at one time. 

NVIDIA Certification Program: Know More About It
On 1st June, 2010, Nvidia established a new program to get advancement in the ground of general purpose of computing in GPU. Already thousands of researches and papers published, with more than 300 Universities including CUDA in their syllabus, this new program will providea larger field for teaching and the use of graphical processing units.

This new program is about:
  CUDA Certification Program: Designed for best technicals - As the demand is increasing for GPGPU skilled engineers Nvidia launched its first program of certification for highly training on GPUs.

  CUDA Research centers: A place for technology - This recognizes the institutes that provide GPU computing.

  CUDA Teaching Centers: Address for best support -This program is for organizations that have incorporated GPU Computing Technologies in to their main syllabus.

Along with these exams, Nvidia is also launching an online portal to provide the information’s about its programs related to researches done and sustained by Nvidia and also tutoring and research related programs done by it.

Eligibility Criteria For Nvidia Certification Courses

The Self test training is providing clear guidelines, if you want to qualify as a NVIDIA CUDA special Engineer, one must be having superior working knowledge programming model of the CUDA structural design and should be able to apply for CUDA basics to simple algorithmic designs and detailed understanding of techniques and optimization to obtain the upper most routine from CUDA C supported code.

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