Sunday, February 16, 2014

Manual GPRS Setting of Motorola Smartphones

Hi friends, are you not able to access internet on your Motorola mobile or facing problem with GPRS setting. Don’t worry here is manual GPRS setting for your Motorola mobile, Though it is always better to call customer care and ask them to send automatic GPRS setting to your mobile, but if you are facing problem in saving setting , then you can follow given steps:

Motorola GPRS
 Here steps are given for BSNL India, if you are using other network internet, only APN address will be changed, other settings and procedure will remain same. Follow options step by step - 

Open menu
Go to settings
Wireless & Networking
Mobile Network Settings
Access point Name
Select options (touch on left hand side icon)
Select New APN

Name : BSNL (or any name or your network name)
APN: bsnlnet

(This APN –“bsnlnet” is for BSNL network, if you are using other mobile operator then you have to write the APN of that operator. For other Indian mobile operators you can check my post 

Proxy: leave it blank
Port: leave it blank
Username: leave it blank
Password: leave it blank
.     (You will get many options.. Don’t make any changes)

APN type: Default

Then again touch on options and save the settings

Now in Mobile Network settings option Select Bsnl (or the name you have given)

And it is done…. Try using internet, now you can enjoy Internet on your Mobile.

If you face any problem, get back to us through comments

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