Thursday, July 31, 2014

Manual GPRS Setting Of Nokia Lumia-Window Phone

GPRS setting of Nokia's Window phones are different from Nokia's Symbian phones. If you are using Nokia Lumia and not able to access internet, then you can manually configure your mobile for internet access. Though mobiles get automatically configured when you insert a sim in your mobile, but in case you are facing some problem , then you can follow the given steps. 
Nokia Lumia Internet setting

Open Settings
Under the Tab System
Select option- Access Point

Here you can see, if your mobile operator APN is available or not, if your mobile operator name exist ,you can select and activate it for internet access.

If your mobile operator settings are not there or you are facing some problem then you should follow further steps. Here for example i am taking Airtel Settings for Nokia Lumia

Click on    + sign  at bottom 

Here you will see some options-

Name:  Airtel (Write your mobile operator name (or any name) )

Internet APN:  (Access point name of your mobile operator) , if you are using other mobile operator in India, then find APN address of other mobile operators click here

Username:  leave blank

Password: leave blank

other options like proxy, proxy port : Don't change

Authentication type: None

Now click on OK (tick mark sign)   and now select the Airtel (or the name given by you ) and activate.
and you are done, now you will be able to access the internet on your mobile. for any clarification ,please leave the comments.

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