Monday, June 27, 2016

Save Youtube Videos On Your Computer/Mobile Without Any Software

Hi Guys , YouTube has a huge database of videos, we spend our maximum time on internet surfing videos. We can stream YouTube videos, but sometimes we like to download or save video or for some mobiles where streaming option is not available, we need to download videos. Softwares are available, but what if you can download videos without any software directly from YouTube, yes it will be amazing. So here i will tell you how to download videos.

When you are on , Browse your favorite video and click on it.For example you select a video of " Just for Laughs: Gags - Season 9 - Episode 13 "  , URL of this videos is  " " . Now to download this video simply add " ss  (ssyoutube) " to the URL , URL will be now . click on this URL ,you reaches to download page with a complete detail of video. You can download this video in MP4 (High quality) , 3GP or in FLV  format. 

It will work both for your PC and Mobile. you only need to add " ss "  to the video you want to download.


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