Thursday, January 8, 2015

How To Make Training Program More Effective For Sales Consultants

Every company invests lakhs of rupees every month on training of sales consultants. Sales consultant also accepts that training are very effective for boom in their knowledge and further in their career growth, but there is need of strict implementation and introducing some new tools and techniques to make it more effective and efficient. There are some suggestions to make the training program more effective.

Training effectiveness
Refresh Training
There should be a provision of refresh training in the company. It is very important to keep the content fresh in the sales consultant mind. From study and discussions with sales consultants, It is found that though the customer handling skill increases as work experience increases, but some basic knowledge like technical knowledge, brand updates and brand history, industry knowledge starts slipping from mind, so its becomes very important to keep the training continue and with some new information and skills, old important content should be added in training sessions.

Add Personality and Grooming skill module :
Now a day every company is working on service facility. They are focusing more on managing customer experience. Company does not sell only a product but also sells an amazing experience to the customer, so a customer will share his experience with others and also will refer others for the same product. One of the main parts which give the ultimate experience to customer is a well groomed sales consultant. Personality of sales consultant and his attitude always attracts companies should add one module related to personality development and grooming skill. Soft skill training should also happen for each consultant to make them learn basic courtesy, grooming and hospitality knowledge. Further HR manager or sales manager should ensure that sales consultants are well groomed and imbibing hospitality skill and attitude.

Analyze training needs of sales consultant by tracking sales consultant progress report: 
If sales consultant is not performing or not able to meet the targets, company should try to analyze, where the sales consultant is lagging.Team leader or sales manager can track the performance of the sales consultant, and can provide training or can request training from company for sales consultant, whenever required.

Biweekly Evaluation Test of Sales consultants: 
There should be a provision of taking test in every 15 days. So a sales consultant can be evaluated. Questions can be related to product, product updates and competition.  Best part will be if answers are told just after the test, so a sales consultant can memorize the content, and it will keep the data fresh in the mind of sales consultant.This is a great way to force sales consultant to keep in touch with content of training and motivate him to learn more about competition

Training Venue and Location: 
Training venue has a psychological impact on sales consultants. Venue like good hotels or proper training centers, with good facilities like discussion room for lectures and good food makes the consultant to think that company is investing good amount of money on their training, it motivates them and built an attitude to learn.

More focus on product knowledge of competitors and own:
A continuous training program should be conducted and own product knowledge and competitor’s product and product updates should dominate in training content. In today’s era it is very important that every sales consultant should be aware of competitors’ product and he should be able to compare his product with others, and should be able to tell the features and benefit of his product over other.

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