Saturday, January 17, 2015

Secret Hidden Codes Of Nokia Mobile

Hi Guys , Here is some secret codes of Nokia mobile. you can use these hidden codes to know complete details of your Nokia mobile and for activate and deactivate unknown services.
Type the following codes on main screen of your Nokia mobile

*#06# : know IMEI (International mobile equipment identity) number of your mobile

*#0000# : know software version of your mobile

*#2820# : know Bluetooth device address

*#7780# : Reset to factory setting

*#67705646 : It will clear LCD display (Operator logo)

*#92702689# : Show you secret information below
  • Display serial number
  • Display month and year of manufacture
  • Purchasing date
  • Repaired
  • life Timer
*#3370# : Enhanced full rate codec (EFR) activation . It will increase signal strength and also help you to surf faster. but consumes more battery.
*#3370* : EFR deactivation .phone will restart and increase battery life because phone will receive less signal.
*#4720# : Half rate code activation
*#4720* : Half rate code deactivation. phone will restart.
Default security code : 12345 
long press "0" to open Nokia Default browser.
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